Yantron Promax Pyramid (5G)

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5G is 5 times more powerful than Promax, with added power of Yantron Pyramid disc at the bottom and special Jiten secrete programmed Cosmotron inside it.

Due to its powerful 9 energy grid it generates and transmits positive motivating force in your property.

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  • Great results can be achieved with this innovative Promax due to its special design.
  • Can solve problems that normally look impossible.

Long Description:         

Empower with 9 layers energy grid and with9 gold pyramids on pro-plate.

First time ever there is a secret programmed – cosmotron inside it.

Four sided gold triangular plates on the top

The added power of yantron disc at the bottom

It is supported by cosmic harmonizing plate at the bottom with 81 pyra divine   max chips.

How to use

It can be used in two ways – one at the place or at the site of the problem and secondly from a distance that is from your home or office. Now just place your wish list written in red ink on white paper in between the seventh and the eight grid i.e. on the crystals and copper yantra. For