About Us

The only focus was that people needed help & we can do that. Both the partners had personal experience of the magical pyramids of Dr Jiten Bhatt. They were convinced of the power of pyramids & knew they could help other to carry on with their lives in a better way – a happier way in the three e pyramids. Making money was not the focus  at all with both the partners.

Most of the times, clients did not even pay for the consultancy and pushing the plastic pyramids was a task.  No one understood the magic of pyramids. But a few who risked small meagre amounts & bought small personal pyramid tools called Pyracard & further used them reaped great benefits like :

  • Lost money was recovered.
  • Property disputes were settled beneficially.
  • Health improved.
  • Money inflow increased.
  • Got Promotions.
  • Closed production units were restarted.
  • Relations improved.
  • Academic results improved.
  • Purchased Properties.

Many of the above manifested in the first two years. Most of those clients  are still with us. And then there was mouth to mouth publicity. The partners decided to take an office on rent. So in  June  2008, Jiten Pyramid Dadar was formally Launched in a  small rented space at Citi Center, Goregaon, Mumbai. It was a shop in a Mall. New clients started walking in. They wanted to understand about the Pyramids . They wanted to learn how to use them for their own benefit.

Mr Shetty would be continuously explaining the pyramids to many new people. Many doubted. Some took the risk and actually purchased a few pyramids. They saw the benefits. But overall it was very slow progress. For almost the nest 2 and half years, the partners made losses consistently. The rent had to be paid from their own pockets. But they were not unhappy because they were really creating great positive changes in the life of a few clients. they had In the meantime it was realised that to improve the perception of pyramids amongst the healers & fortune tellers, they needed to be educated about the power of the pyramids.

So, Mr Shetty designed a Vastu course with remedies  using pyramids. Dr Jiten Bhat was creating a large number of pyramids for a variety of uses in various areas  like health, business, education, money, & so on. Based on this a Vastu course  was created. There were already many people using the pyramids for Vastu rectification, but they did not share their knowledge.  This led to a situation where vaastu consultants would take advantage of the clients ignorance. Jiten Pyramid Dadar decided to improve  this situation by making the knowledge available  to anyone who was ready to learn & use it for the common good.

The Course was free.

Any body could walk in and demand to be taught  & Mr  Shetty would personally do the teaching spending hours on no end. The course would go from 3 to 4 hours sessions to sometimes & 4 to 5 hour sessions. The basis  for putting in all this  hard work was that the students would use this knowledge to improve their own life and the  life of their near  and dear ones.

Two partners had still to learn a lot . Anything given freely is not valued and if it is not valued ,  it will not be used. That is exactly what happened. None of the students become pyramid vaastu consultants. It was a lot of lost labour.

So the strategy was changed.

We started charging to teach a vaastu pyramid remedy course. As time progressed a large number of new pyramid tools were introduced by Dr  Jiten Bhatt. So the time needed to teach & explain about all of these also increased. And the fees also went on increasing.

I  initially used to charge only INR 500. This slowly went up to  INR 15000. But the quality of students  didn’t change. They would spend the money to  learn , but  just not use the pyramids to create any change in their own life or those around them. It was only when we started charging Rs.21000/- per student that we got the students who were serious. They would learn and start practicing immediately. Many started a business of vaastu consultancy.

We have students who come from a variety of social & educational back grounds.

We have had architects, interior designers, doctors, house wives, businessman & even builders attending our vaastu course. Also, many young college students  have undergone our courses to become self-employed.

All that you need to become a good vaastu consultant is a giving heart. Everything else falls in place. Any  way continuing the story of our journey back in 2014 Dr Jiten’s  office got in touch with us to shift our business to Dadar. Both partners were really not very  enthusiastic. Both were nearing  50 years of age and both did not want to get into the daily grind of travelling to Dadar form Goregaon daily. But the head office people insisted & we gave in.

We shifted in 2014 and we were  shocked by the number of walk ins, Actually, we had just rented out table space & kept our Goregaon office on. But the number of clients at our Dadar office just kept going up. So we had to rent a bigger office.

To cut the long story short. We have changed out office 4 times in about 5 years in Dadar itself. We have a office which is about 1100 sqft now and  we employ 9 people.

Our entire team whelmed by Ms. Sangeeta. S.  Mishra, she is the team leader and takes on responsibility for all work. She has been with us  from 2009. Over this longtime association, she has blossomed in  an excellent pyramid Vaastu Consultant and also a teacher.

Around 2016 during a chat with Dr  Jiten Bhat,  we insisted that many vaastu consultant’s in the market are uninformed. They tended  to give the work a bad name. Most of them were only interested in making  money at the cost of the client. They were not providing any relief.

He said we should be involved  with giving complete wellbeing to the client. Only rectifying dead vaastu  is not complete work. We have to provide complete wellbeing using pyramids. Already, a no of Pyramids had been developed which deliver healing in a variety of ways.

Taking inspiration from his words, Dr  Giridhar Shetty has developed a new course called complete well being with pyramids. The goal is to train  more than 200,000 people in this work by 2022. And we aim to get these people  from all around the world. And we are geared to serve them all.