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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Yantron Pyramid

Yantron Pyramid

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Yantron Pyramid is the master key  to all-round success & abundance. The whole universe is created, nurtured & protected by the bi-polar force of “FA MA”. To attract all-  round success and  abundance you must attract both the forces into your life using this supreme spiritual instrument ‘Yantron Pyramid’.The regular  practise of energizing& charging your Yantron Pyramid can create amazing results in all vital sectors of life.

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Long  description:-

          A must for everyone because it is a medium for all wish fulfilment. The box is for covering which is a complete square structure. Yantron is a replica of Shri Yantra but in a flat structure with ‘FaMa’ design in gold and copper to enhance your wish as many folds which will create a world of your own desire around you.

How to use:- 

Place your Yantron on the table. First place it so that the ‘Fa’ side is facing you. Use your   ring finger of your right hand to energize. Now start energizing from ‘Fa’ point, slowly move your finger inwards following the groove given. At every turn/bend now  stop here and chant your   master
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