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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Pyramid Vastu Training DVD

Pyramid Vastu Training DVD

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Complete theory of traditional vaastu.

The difficulties arising out of improper vaastu.

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We at Dr. Giridhar’s Spiritual Academy deliver world class training through online video lessons which is a specialised course in vaastu remedial science.
Our specialty is practical knowledge with assured remedy resulting in targeted solutions for home, office, factory, plot vaastu covering all aspects of life.

This course also contains Traditional Vastu course and Pyra Numerology Course.

The Pyramid Vastu Course covers complete Traditional Vedic Vastu in a simple way, avoiding the mantras and shlokas.The essence of the knowledge is conveyed without missing any details. The course also explains the limitations due to Modern construction style. Next, the course discusses traditional methods of removing vastu defects. 

Furthur, the concept of Akash Yantra/ Pyramid is explained. How these pyramids can be used to remove all vastu defects/ doshas is also explained in detail. Pyramids give results every single time without fail.

Once you are enrolled for the Pyramid Vastu Course you will be getting a large number of Vastu Tips and explanation of how to use all the new tools that will come in the future to do Vastu Remedies

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  • More than 20 hours of lecture / discussion.
  • Complete theory & practical of traditional vastu. 
  • The difficulties arising out of improper vastu.
  • The concept of pyramids & Aakash yantra.
  • Various methods to overcome difficulties due to improper vastu.
    Overcoming the difficulties by using pyramids.
  • Demonstration of the entire range of Jiten Pyramids and explanations of their multiple uses.
  • The difference between live vastu & dead vastu.
  • The concept of Pyra Net and its blessings.
  • Goal setting for life.Using of the Vastu Mantra to begin a vastu business as a , professional Vastu Consultant.
  • The tested & proven strategies to progress in the Vastu Business.
    A discussion on creating possibilities for you. 
  • Dowsing for checking of energies.
  • Pyra Numerology


  • Complete up to date scientific knowledge to meet the challenges posed by modern construction style.
  • You can begin a business in just about 1week or 20 hours from joining.
    Get Trade discount For lifetime from us.
  • Get Vastu Tips to do Vastu Remedies Using Pyramid

Pyramid Vastu is developed and used for the last 30 years very successfully. More than 5 million people have become happy & progressed in life by using Pyramids for vaastu rectification.

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