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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Table Max Pyramid

Table Max Pyramid

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      This is a very effective tool for personal space correction. It is very simple to use .You just have to program it for the purpose & it will boost your working efficiency to get excellent results.

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Long description:-

     “ Table Max” is an outstanding pyramid yantra to synchronize the energies of the trillions of atoms of the table to support the purpose of your life, which consist of 8 copper pyramid yantra and 1 gold plated pyramid yantra in the centre of the table max and same pyramid yantra at the base with nine small pyramids to attract  lots of good fortune! It will also bring lot of clarity to the mind & helps you in taking right decisions. This yantra will also bring success in study, career, business & work.

How to use:-

      Clean the bottom of the table where you want to fix the ‘Table Max’. The best position of fixing it is under the table in the centre, but if there is a drawer in the centre you can fix it in the central axis of the table where you sit. Before fixing it below your table charge your table max with your wish. After fixing, place both the palms on the table & it must be above the table max. Start your day with a wish and let the table max work. By doing FAA MAA programming it will boost your working efficiency to get excellent results. This will also protect you & your work table from negative or evil forces that block your progress.

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