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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Swastik Pyramid 700 Gold

Swastik Pyramid 700 Gold

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The unique pyramid swastik, is an auspicious symbol of fortune & wellness. This swastik pyramid harmonises the internal & external environment to influence the intellectual mind. 

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Long description :

The new swastik 700 gold has 700% more gold power with 37 gold pyramids for fast results & progress! This is an auspicious symbol. It brings good fortune & wellness. It has more than 700 pyramids. This is made of gold pyramids. This is much more faster in action (almost 7 times faster) than the swastik Gold. The boosting power of 729 pyramids plates with extra energy leads to success, & at the bottom it is activated with 8 copper disc & 1 gold energy radiator disc.

How to Use

              This tool can be used at your home or business place. It brings prosperity & wellness. It also creates a purifying effect inside the premises. It creates a harmonizing effect between the internal energies& external energies creating excellent ideas & opportunities. It has to be hung up by the brass screw on the wall. In business place it should be fixed opposite side of the main entrance. It is ideal inside the boss’s cabin & in the conference room. It is also ideal in the room where marketing people meets & in the accounts room.

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