Study Pyramid Disc

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Study Pyramid  disc is powered by 81 pyramids & 9 gold pyramids which helps to increase mind concentration and memory. Improve the efficiency of learning and understanding. Optimize mind & body coordination for excellent results. It is must for all students, to use while studying.

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Long description:

The Power of in-built 81 Pyramids with extra energy of 9 Gold Pyramids, helps in up-lifting the energy of powerful “Study Pyramid Yantra” on top (Sarswati Yantra in Fa-Maa symbol), & at the bottom the base is activated with 8 copper + 1 Gold energy radiator discs.

How to Use

Hang it with a brass screw on the wall of your child’s study room or near the study area. This can also be placed near study table. Also recommended for class room, coaching classes & hostel rooms, seminar or workshop area for better concentration.