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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Smart Fire

Smart Fire

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To cleanse and energize your healing space. The use of smart fire helps in removing obstacles & re-energizing your clinic, home or workspace. It neutralizes negative effects by creating a positive healing environment. This also creates a strong, dynamic motivating force at all 3 levels of being, by boosting the solving power for all your problems.


Unleash the power of fire-the most essential force required for any expansion, growth and healing. Reiki Fire creates a strong and dynamic motivating force at the core cellular level and acts as a communication device between your core and the atmosphere around you.  Re-energizes and cleanses your space at home, work or clinic. Let the millions of photons that are released from this fire neutralize all negative vibes and create positivity and harmony in your space, thus making it ideal for healing rooms, Reiki clinics and homes! A very powerful distance-healing tool! Perform twice a day for best results!

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Secrete Features

  • 8 copper and 1 gold disc base yantra that has 648 pyramids.
  • Power of inbuilt 81 pyramid yantras topped with 1 gold center pyramid.
  • Additional, Eight-directional gold pyramids on top making a total of 1385 power pyramids.
  • A unique 8 directional altar with 8 radiating crystals for 8 – directional cleansing.
  • Referential copper plate at the center for healing specific areas of body.

Easy to Use

Place the fire instrument in the centre of the house or room or your working table or in your prayer room/alter. Take the circular ceramic vessel in your left palm. Take the camphor tablet and place it in the centre of the Ceramic vessel. Place your right hand on the vessel such that you cover the vessel and the camphor tablet. Take a deep breath and repeat your positive wish for at least nine times. Do these while visualizing that your wish has already been fulfilled, you’re intense and positive wish has the ability to penetrate to the deepest level of the camphor tablet. Set the ceramic vessel on the base unit. Light the camphor tablet. Place both your hands on the sides of the base unit. Repeat your wish till the fire extinguishers. Repeat this process everyday as many number of time as possible for fast & better result
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