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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Shift Max Slim Pyramid

Shift Max Slim Pyramid

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It is very simple to shift the room energy. First you have to decide in which direction you want shift the existing energy of the room is perfect for that premises. Be sure that the upper plate of Shift-Max Slim must have all 9 arrow plates in that direction. Note: You will get all 9 arrow disc separately that can be fixed with glue.

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Long Description

In shift max slim the flat base with 81 Pyra Grid plate and one transparent plate with 9 shift Chips. This is enriched with 9 copper pyramids and 81 (9x9 Pyramids),which is supported by the 81 radiating crystals and 81 directional copper arrows, & the unique design of upper plate with 9 ‘Shift Chips’ for shifting the energy of the room in any one of the eight directions. Shift-Max Slim (SMS) is really SLIM & FLAT so that it is easy to install, which gives the same result that as the traditional methods. It is must for every room correction in flats, apartments and all other property. This can be use easily installed due to its innovative SLIM design and solves many problems.

How to Use

  1. If Kitchen is in the North-East:

Remedy: To shift your kitchen to the South-East, just fix Shift-Max Slim on the ceiling near South wall. Note: All arrows should face the south direction as shown.

  1. If Master Bedroom is in the North-East :

            Remedy: To shift your bedroom to the South-West, just fix Shift-Max Slim on the ceiling near South-West corner. Note: All arrows should face the South-West direction as shown.

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