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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Reiki Pyramid Seat

Reiki Pyramid Seat

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Uplift your chakras for faster results. Get the up-lifting energy of the 9-grid ‘Antahkarana’ to energize and cleanse your energy field. Use of Gold radiator discs enhances and aligns the Reiki flow in your chakras. This is a must-have for all Masters, Healers, and Patients for proper channeling of Reiki energy.

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Long Description:

Why use 3D Reiki tools?

Evolution is based on becoming better and better each day. Normally 2-dimensional symbols are used to great effect in Reiki by healers and Masters all over the world, but we are going to use 3-dimensional enhancing ‘yantras’ (Special purpose Metaphysical oriented tools) along with the original symbols to amplify results.

These 3D Reiki tools are based on the mystic powers of the pyramids, the divine Vedic knowledge and the cutting edge Space-time continuum concept.

  • Research based revolutionary breakthrough in Reiki and holistic health.
  • Improves the efficiency and quality of all Reiki systems, as well as other new age healing systems!
  • Utilizes the ancient secret power of the Pyramids, Sacred Geometry and crystals to attract, regulate and channel pure and divine healing energy.
  • Optimizes your healing capacity with the help of purpose-oriented 3-D tools!
  • These new-age 3-D Reiki tools are not only for health but also give us peace, prosperity and happiness in abundance for total well-being.
  • Unique concept that’s fast acting, time saving and works automatically 24x7 with minimum effort!
  • Highly recommended for Group Reiki, distance Healing and Reiki Clinics!
  • Up-lifting energy of powerful masculine “Antahkaran” on Top.
  • Enriched with 324 Pyramid-grid power Yantra inside with Gold disc activator for greater harmony and power.
  • Combination of cosmic Reiki colors for miraculous results.

Easy to Use:

Simple sit on this powerful tool while teaching or healing as it removes negative blacks and gives more focusing of positive energy. Best for use in any sector of life – use and experience the difference for yourself! Recommend one for each of your patients, for use at home. Reiki seat also is beneficial for:-

  • Enhancing your healing ability.
  • Creating a protective shield against any negative forces.
  • Achieving focused and attuned healing flow.
  • Using under the head of patient during treatments and at home while sleeping for better healing results.
  • All types of healers and doctors because it keeps you more alive to understand your patients and heal them in a much better way.
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