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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Reiki Pyramid

Reiki Pyramid

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Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘universal life energy’.  Every living and non-living body radiates it. In Reiki the ultimate source of this life energy is the universal energy of the cosmos. Our body works constantly as an instrument or a channel to transform this energy in to the required amount and form to solve problems related to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It involves using various symbols to channelize this energy and all that needs constant attention and time for each individual that we give Reiki. It is found that it is not always possible to devote so much quality time and total awareness for a long period is difficult. Reiki Pyramid is a break-through in this healing science!

Power of Pyramids for; Fast Result, Tele-Treatments, Mass Healing, Spiritual Medicine, Devine Water, Pynergy Support.

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Long Description:

This unique Reiki Pyramid once programmed or initiated for the purpose by the Reiki master works automatically, day and night; without personal attention and presence of the master this instrument enables us to spend less but qualitative time on each individual and also help us to remain in link with him or her even from distance. The program can also be easily altered from time to time by the master, even from a distance. It also gives you an easy access to the strong Pynergy due to the support of millions of PyraNet users globally.


This new revolutionary multiple use Reiki Pyramid can help us in many ways as follows;

TELE-TRETMENT – Reiki Pyramid enable us to establish individual healing transmitter at Reiki master’s for better personal healing by photograph.

MASS HEALING – This is absolutely needed by any healer because by this the master can transfer proper and modulated positive enemy from his own healing center to all the people at a time and this saves your time!

SPIRITUAL MEDICINE – With this Reiki Pyramid you can add healing to all regular medicine, Vitamins, herbal, homoepathy, aroma or food.

DEVINE WATER – Water is our major and very basic supporting medium of healing. This divine water prepared under the Pyramid can remove negative blocks and enhances the positivity in the blood cells.

FAST RESULTS – Due to multiple dimensional healing with Reiki Pyramid and its innovative layer design it gives fast and precise results.

REIKI CLINIC – Stating an Advance Reiki Clinic is time saving and profitable opportunity. This unique concept of mass healing with your own enrich clinic with more powerful crystals, gems and Pyramid instrumentation will give excellent results.




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