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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Reiki Pyramid Disc

Reiki Pyramid Disc

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Enhance the energy of your healing room!

Reiki Pyramid Disc is a powerful combination of 9-grid ‘Antahkarana’ along with the power of pyramid energy and yantras to increase the positive Reiki flow in the room.

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Long Description:-

Why use 3D Reiki tools?

Evolution is based on becoming better and better each day. Normally 2-dimensional symbols are used to great effect in Reiki by healers and Masters all over the world, but we are going to use 3-dimensional enhancing ‘yantras’ (special purpose Metaphysical oriented tools) along with the original symbols to amplify results.

These 3D Reiki tools are based on the mystic powers of the pyramids, the divine Vedic knowledge and the cutting edge Space-time continuum concept.

Benefits of Smart Reiki

  • Research based revolutionary breakthrough in Reiki and holistic health.
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