Pyron 9G

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Pyron 9G is for all-round Prosperity, with advance design for fast result! It is also a time saving yantra in combination of computerized copper yantra & pyramid power & also it is easy for installation.

Long description :

                  The design of Pyron 9G imparts double benefit as it has inbuilt pyramid yantra with 9 pyramids & 81base pyramids, also to add more power it is enriched with 9 pre-programed copper discs at the bottom which helps in solving your day to day problem as it is a cosmic energy harmonizer pyramid

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How to Use

Just place in your home, office or workplace and wish the purpose, you can hang it on a wall with a brass screw or can be placed in specific position according to the vastu method. For more detailed use and accurate positioning seek and advice from a PyraVastu Expert.