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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Pyra Shubh Labh

Pyra Shubh Labh

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Pyra shubh-Labh is the eternal symbol of good luck, fame, wealth & increase in sales, income & profits. This is a must at all homes, offices , shops, factories & sheds. Increases the positivity of all doors & is ideal for temples & pooja rooms.


Long description :      

Pyra shubh labh (Jiten Pyramid) is a pyramid yantra which consist of sarvotobhadra yantra with a FA MA symbol in the centre of the yantra and 450 pyramids below the yantra in this pair and reverse side of the shubh labh consist of golden circular disc behind the sarvotobhadra yantra to boost its energy and similarly copper circular coating behind the layer of pyramids. It comes with a rectangular strip of 6 double side stickers to stick beside the door frame of entrance, rooms, etc.

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How to Use  

        After opening the box all you need to do is energise the pair of shubh labh pyramid yantra by keeping it in between your palms and wishing for good luck, fame , wealth profits, positivity for the place where it is be put and then peal of sticker and stick it at the side of the door frame, pooja room, temple. Shubh labh is an eternal symbol of good luck, frame, wealth, increase in sales, income and profits with the combination of pyramid and powerful yantra. Hence the benefits will come to you or your premises with much much faster speed. This is a must at all homes, offices, shops, factories and sheds. It increases the positivity of all doors and is ideal for temples and pooja rooms.

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