Pyra Numerology DVD

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Life is a synergy of effort and fortune.  As we know effort and fortune are the two wheels in a journey of life.
Creating fortune is not just redirecting efforts, but it's a process of rearranging both present efforts and fortune to restore the natural flow of life which in turn will lead to peace, progress and prosperity.

Here in this Pyra numerology you will learn :
What are missing nos
How to find the missing no
What do these missing nos say about your nature, weakness, strength, characteristics.
How can you energise your missing no in dob.
What are pyracards.
How to energise the pyracard.
Design n activate the missing no grid.
Placement of pyracards.
Process of energising the pyracard to be followed for results.

People those who can benefit from learning this science of missing nos
You can learn this online or offline. As per convenience.
After joining you can be an expert in 2 days time and start practicing professionally.