Protect Pyramid 9x9 - Outside

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Protection & Reflects evil energy, for your office, home & factory

Protect evil energy, sha chi of any sharp corner of objects outside your building facing door or window. staircase, or beam. Also protect’s from ‘poison arrow’ & enhance good luck to brings fortune Ideal inside bedrooms, offices, factory halls any place where positive chi is needed. It can be programed, due to pyramid yantra & gold FaMaa chip in the center.                          

Long description :

                  Added power of 9 pyramid grid. Printed plus 3D trigrams. Accepted world wide. Compatible to both Vaastu & Feng Shui 

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How to Use

Very easy to use , just place between your two hands & make a intense wish of the purpose- your wish can be for more business, health, children protection or just as simple as ‘protection from evil power & bring good luck from all direction’. And stick on the wall. You can fixed it on top of main door from inside with the brass screw. For better result you can fixed it in every room above the door. Protection & luck enhancement tool, ideal for your office, home & factory.