Promax Pyramid 3G

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  • Due to its powerful 9 energy grid it generates and transmits positive motivating force in your property.
  • Great results can be achieved with this innovative ProMax due to it’s special design.
  • It can solve problems that normally look impossible.

Long Description:         

  • Empowered with nine layer energy grid and with 9 Gold pyramids on Pro-plate.
  • First time ever Multi –Action ProMax top with mini max at the top.
  • 4-side Gold triangular (extra power) interacting plates on the top.
  • Micro-Max at the optimum energy center of the ProMax.
  • Supported by the cosmic harmonizing plate at the bottom with 81 PyraDivine Max Chips, 9 Gold booster ring plates with 72 directional copper arrows 81 copper yantras with radiating crystals in the Center. Plus power of 17 Gold and 64 support plates.
  • Get free ebook on vastu shastra

How to use

It can be used in two ways – one at the place or at the site of the problem and secondly from a distance that is from your home or office. Now just place your wish list written in red ink on white paper in between the seventh and the eight grid i.e. on the crystals and copper yantra. For 90 days read your wish list and show insane stick to crystalize your wishes . it is recommended to be use in the center of the property for best results   

 It is must for-                                              

Commercial Property activation , Project Idea / Map activation, Process activation , Procurement activation, Land & Building activation, Finance activation, Marketing activation, Residential  / Industrial Property activation, Investment Property activation, Farm or Spiritual property activation