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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Power-Roll Body:

Power-Roll Body:

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Short Description:-

. Based on internationally recommended Acu – Therapy

. Advance feature with 255 roller points.

. Gives fast relief, natural and no side-effects

Long Description:-

Acu-Therrapy Power Roll (Body) is created with you in mind, just roll on the painful joints for instant results. PowerRoll is based on the Chinese acupressure and pyramid power therapy.

16 pyramid wheels are designed with rotation control device that it moves and grabs the shape of each and every curve of your body; it may be your back, knee, legs, chest or body pain.

Super feature for PowerRoll;

  1. Extra power of 1050 pyramids
  2. Double safety handle for figure protection
  3. Soft smooth wheels for better massage
  4. Fin handle for firm grip

Get the advantage of Power – Roll for total health and instant comfort.

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How to use:- PowerRoll is very easy to use. A very common complaint of pain or stiffness in body parts such as the back or legs or knee that be continuous or intermittent. Inflamed joints or pressure on nerves may cause.

Either roll your Power – Roll yourself or take a help of your partner for perfect effect on affected parts (as shown in the figures). Use it for five minutes twice a day and feel the comfort!

This is complementary to usual medical care and if symptoms persist consults your physician.

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