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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Numero Vaastu Pyramid Disc

Numero Vaastu Pyramid Disc

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Get ready to experience the mystic power of pyramids along with ancient Indian and Chinese wisdom. Sacred energetics to improve our time vaastu. Here you get to regulate our core consciousness that is responsible for all success in all areas of Life and to fulfill all our purposes.

Long Description:

Power of in-built 81 pyramids with extra energy of 9 gold pyramids. Special top chart with magic square for personalized recording of place and value harmonization. Bottom activated with 9 activated energy radiator discs for all-round abundance.

Personalize time vaastu correction for your home, office, shop or factory. Attract more health, happiness and all-round prosperity. Ideal for correcting vaastu and astrological problems based on your birthdate. Helps in creating peaceful environment in living spaces and energy and energy and zeal in work place.

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How to Use:

Find the missing numbers in your birthdate (see leaflet inside for more details). Stick the FaMa symbol stickers on all the missing numbers in all the 9 magic squares. Do a FaMa programming and personalized affirmation. Fix this Numero Vaastu Disc on the wall facing entrance on the inside of your home or work place. Very simple to use, personalized and powerful solution for any Time Vaastu related problems

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