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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Mobile Pyramid 9x9

Mobile Pyramid 9x9

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A small effective tool to protect you from harmful radiations emitted through your phone and also ensures enhanced business communication, which will help you improve your sales and marketing effort.     

Long Description:        

          Mobile Pyramid  9x9 consist of 9 gold pyramids on the top, below there are 9 pyramids and on the reverse side there is the “FA-MAA” Yantra engraved on it. And it also comes with a string tide to it. It is a small tool that protects you as well as improves your performance over the phone.

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How to Use

       After you open the packing of mobile 9x9 there is a string with the yantra so tie the knot of the string to your mobile for luck & protection. A small effective tool that protects you from harmful electromagnetic field (emf) radiations emitting from your mobile. It also improves your performance over the phone enhancing business communication. It is must for all sleds people, marketing executives, consultants, counsellors, etc.

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