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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Medicine Pyramid Box 9 x 9

Medicine Pyramid Box 9 x 9

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Adding love and intention to modern or traditional medicine is a revolutionary concept. We can enrich our present state of health and wellness with the use of Pyramid Yantra, making recovery better and faster.  

Long Description:        

We are already familiar with the side-effects of modern medicines on us, especially on our children and our parents. Make one medicine 9x9 for all those who have to take medicines regularly , to reduce the ill-effects of medicines. It increases the uplifting energy in our body and mind and hence with regular use it helps in reducing the need of medicines .

The Medicine 9x9 box comes with power of 81 pyramid inside the container and pyramid covering top to close the box on which there are total 8 golden strips of pyramid engraved on all sides , also there I a copper chip in the canter of the base of the medicine box

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How to Use

Place your medicine inside this pyramid Yantra and lay both your hands on it. Using this instrument can transform you into a state of better health.

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