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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Harmony Pyramid

Harmony Pyramid

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For interpersonal and environmental harmony !

Harmony pyramid is a unique device which helps to initiate harmony and to improve or develop interpersonal relationship between two persons. Also a special inbuilt cosmic circuit is provided at the bottom to enhance the result.

Long Description:

Harmony Pyramid is a couple of two pyramids. The centres of both the pyramid are connected at the bottom by copper strip. Both the pyramids look same from all side. Below the pyramid are collector domes. The pyramid with copper collector dome is called Maa chamber. The pyramid with gold collector dome is called Faa chamber.

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How To Use

         Consider a situation where you are the boss in the office &one of the junior staff members is being irrespective& uncooperative with you. You can use the harmony pyramid.

         Put your photo under the golden collector dome in the Faa pyramid. Write the junior’s name in red ink on a white strip of paper &put this under the copper collector dome under the Maa pyramid. Daily, charge the pyramids by using both palms cupped & placed slightly above the pyramids. At that time, your feet should be uncrossed &flat on the floor. Do this 10 times in  a day for faster results.

         The opposite person will himself/ herself try to harmonies the relationship. This pyramid could be used to bring  in harmony in any relationship.


         Father – Son

         Mother in law – Daughter in law

          Parent –Child

         Boss – Employee

      The harmony pyramid is ideal to restore or bring interpersonal harmony. It helps to initiate harmony and to improve or develop interpersonal relationships

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