Fortune Pyramid Seat

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Ever since the Pyramid was discovered as a source of mystical energy, it has been experimented for making dreams come true. Let us enter in an experience that is completely new and amazing. Here you can get a concept of living more fruitfully. Fortune seat attracts your economic growth, better financial position and good business. It works on subtle level to assed your fortune

Long Description: -

Up-lifting energy of powerful “Fortune Yantra”. On Top, Enriched with 324 Pyra-grid powers Yantra inside with Gold disc activator, Combination of cosmic FA colours for miraculous results. Can attract  more  Money, Business & Prosperity.  Must for Chair person, Head of Department, Management persons, senior officers etc. Ideal for new business and growing business.  Helps in better business decision & concentration.

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How to Use:

Place the Fortune Seat on the canter of the chair before you seat. After placing Fortune Seat, have a comfortable   seat and repeat your wish with concentration and confidence (daily). Be seated on Fortune Seat for minimum 300 minutes an d then   remove or you can extend it for   full day. Ideal on main  chair of the Shop, Office, and Home.