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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Fortune Master Card (All-in-1Gold card)

Fortune Master Card (All-in-1Gold card)

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      New pocket size pyramid yantra all round fortune, wellness. This innovative way for personal Vastu & harmony gives you miraculous results. Fortune master cards are available for various purposes. Benefit with unique features like pre-programmed 9 gold pyramid yantra and a gold base disc at the bottom. Also explore the power of inbuilt FAMA yantra on the top for optical results.

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How to Use

Remove the back cover of the card. Fix your photo on the inside, under the signature circle. Put your signature with red ink in the circle before replacing the back cover. To add more power maker ‘FaMa’ sticker take care that the red triangle must face up. Now place the card in your left hand, pyramid yantra facing upwards. Gently place your right hand on the top repeat your wish daily. Then place your card in your pocket or purse and explore the power of pyramid yantra!

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