Fortune Key Chain

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A novel concept to energize and protect important keys. Helps improve inflow of cash and valuables when used for cash box and lockers

Ideal for cupboards, car and other vehicles and must for house and office keys

Long Description       

            It is portable, easy to carry tool. The packing of the key chain has a steel ring to insert your important keys. There are 9 gold coated pyramids in a set and thus separate pyramid with rectangular covering. Thus this gives the entire set a rectangular shape.

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How to Use  

        Fortune key chain (Jiten Pyramid) is a novel concept to energise and protect important keys, after opening the packing, one needs to open the rim of the circular steel ring and insert the pyramid based yantra and the keys which will help the inflow of the cash and treasures, when used for cash and bank lockers. This key chain (Jiten Pyramid) is ideal for cupboards, cars, other vehicles and also a must for house hold and office keys. While arranging the bunch of keys in the fortune key chain (Jiten Pyramid) just once desire for good fortune by holding it in between your palms with both the feet’s touching the ground ideally facing the North direction.