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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Fortune Pyramid Glass

Fortune Pyramid Glass

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To attract good Luck and Abundance in our life! Water symbolizes the energy of life, growth & prosperity. This is a new ‘Pyramid Yantra’ to restructure the water to fulfil your wish and turn your dreams into reality. Very easy to use and effective in result

Long Description:-

Fortune glass works on the divine power of Pyramid and triangle shaped container. Triangle represents three basic energies of Heaven and three energies of Earth. Which is responsible for all happening in our lives.

How to use

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To restructure water, fill the glass with water. Lay both the palms on the glass as shown in the figure. Clam your mind and request the angelic energies of sky and nourishing energies of earth for 3 minutes to fulfil your wish. Drink that water slowly, sip by sip to get optimum results.

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