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Jiten Pyramid Dadar



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As per Vaastu wisdom you get what you want by 2 ways; one by your own effort and another by luck and fortune. There are many limitations in the way of self- efforts and we all know it very well. Even after putting lot of efforts, abundance comes to us through luck and fortune .Luck is basically a 3 fold concept. Here there are three types of luck heaven luck, Man luck and Earth. Luck to become successful and prosperous in our present life depends on the heavenly energies showering upon us and earthly energies rising upon us. Learn to attract both good luck and abundance in your life.

Here is a new mystic pyramid yantra called Fortune Disc to enhance all the three lucks for you. This mystic instrument serves as an amplifier, so with little effort and daily use of this powerful tool, we can produce excellent results.

Long description :

It attracts 8 directional energies to crystallize your dreams. The Gold Disc and Central chamber to keep your wish along with pictures of God/ Goddess etc, in the center  to enhance the power. The most powerful  Faa-Maa symbol.There are Swastiks to attract more heavenly energies.There are 8 mirrors at the bottom to filter only positive vibrations & to protect this mystic instrument from any impurity coming from earth.Fortune Disc is the latest invention in pyra vaastu and can bring you more prosperity, luck, and good fortune. 

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How to Use

         Install your Fortune Disc on a wall using brass screw after doing Faa-Maa programming. Re-charge daily by repeating your wish along with an incense stick like we do for pictures of Gods and Goddesses. Request the higher energies (Gods/Goddesses) to help you to fulfil your desire. Then this mystic Fortune Disc will attract all three lucks and radiate that positivity into the room and into you. Fortune Disc will act as a transmitting tower of good fortune for you. Faith and confidence is needed to produce better results because you are at the receiving end.


How to use:

 1) Use the GPS to find your missing nos . according to your location.

2) Fix the Faa-Maa yantra at the missing nos.

3) Hold it in your left palm and place your right palm on it.

4) Give it command.

5) Fix on any wall. (directions unimportant).

6) To give commands next time , just stand below the clock and place both your palms on the wall and with focused mind command.

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