Fortune Clock Gold Pyramid

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This may look like a clock on the first look, But it is a dynamic Yantra radiating powerful positive energy in the vicinity where it is placed.

Long Description : Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt has devised this tool to bring in improvement in Your Sthir Vaastu – Place.Your Kaal Chakra – Kundali. Yourself  -Being.At the center of the dial is depicted a flower of life which symbolizes the mystic law of growth in nature.

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Next 3 pyramid bases are shown with 4 crystals  in 3 colors The 3 colors of crystals are: 1) Blue crystal symbolizes the Heaven Luck.2) Green crystal symbolizes the Mother Earth Luck. 3) Red crystal symbolizes your own Luck. These 3 pyramid bases are aligned in such a way that rapid progress is ensured as it overcomes the issues of Sthir Vaastu and Kaal Chakra and your own blocks to progress. Next the Bindu of this Yantra is Dynamic and it rotates continuously in a clock wise manner. And The Bindu contains Shiv Shakti & Yourself symbolically.So you become the creator of your own  destiny and your own life . You can get whatever you want by creating it with the help of this. The Fortune Clock Yantra is designed to fit in the mystical golden ratioPHI, which is the universal ratio through which everything grows in nature. It also has a cosmotron plate with Faa-MaaYantra at the back  to customize the tool according to your location.

How to use: 1) Use the GPS to find your missing nos . according to your location. 2) Fix the Faa-Maa yantra at the missing nos. 3) Hold it in your left palm and place your right palm on it. 4) Give it command. 5) Fix on any wall. (directions unimportant). 6) To give commands next time , just stand below the clock and place both your palms on the wall and with focused mind command.