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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Ashta Ganesh Pyramid Disc

Ashta Ganesh Pyramid Disc

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Ashta Ganesh Disc is a Pyramid Yantra Disc with added power of ‘Lord Ganesha’. The Ashta Ganesh Disc works on the 8 directions of vastu shastra due to which it removes all fortune blocks and their ill-effects. Ashta Ganesh Disc generates positive energy in the room where ever it is placed. Therefore it is a must for each and every  vastu correction. Ashta Ganesh Disc also adds divine power of Ganesha for all round prosperity and complete wellbeing

Ashta Ganesh Disc comes with the power of inbuilt 81 pyramids with extra energy of 9 gold pyramids. On the top there are 8 Ganesha images to boost the energy. In the center there is a Fa-Maa Yantra.

 The bottom is activated with 8 copper discs and 1 gold energy radiator disc.

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How to Use

                       After you open the packing, fix it with a brass screw on the wall of your shop, home or inside the office facing the entrance. You can increase the power in your premises by fixing multiple number of Ashta Ganesh Disc for more energy or for faster results. It is recommended for temples & pooja rooms. It is simple to use & gives fantastic results. While installing Ashta Ganesh Disc on the wall you have to place the disc in between your palms & pray positively for your own progress & positive energy in your life. Daily show an incense stick for further fantastic results. This will help you to remove fortune blocks & also help you to rise above everyday problems & its ill effects. Consequently this will also open doors of possibilities in your life & bring out real potential hidden within you. Finally Ashta Ganesh Disc is Ideal for those who want personal growth, complete wellbeing & prosperity in life.


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