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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Fortune Chip Pyramid

Fortune Chip Pyramid

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It is a unique power-chip for files, plans, books, computers, laptops and lockers. It is a versatile tool to give starting boost to any project.

Long description:

       It is pre-programmed yantra, in the multiples of 9x9. The central 9 pyramids are in gold coating. This is to enhance the power of fortune chip (Jiten Pyramid) and also to give a starting boost to any kind of projects. The fortune chip (Jiten Pyramid) is milky white colour, square in shape & with a 2 way sticker behind it.

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How to Use  

       Fortune chip (Jiten Pyramid) has a 2 way sticker tape which is very easy to stick. After freeing off the covering of the sticker it is to be fixed in the centre of your important files or new project plans, business plans or marketing plans, any of important document locker, cashbox, account box, laptops, and cupboard to get a positive outcome. While fixing the fortune chip one has to just take the chip in left palm and cover it with your right palm and have the desire for what you will be using it for and just close your eyes and repeat your desire 9 times. While you are holding the unique power fortune chip (Jiten Pyramid) is in your hand and after the repetition o f your desire is complete. You can stick it on the locker, files plans, books, and computers, for your own success & prosperity and fast result.  


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