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Jiten Pyramid Dadar

Eye Pyramid 9x9 Disc

Eye Pyramid 9x9 Disc

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In most cultures of the world there is a strong belief about the effects of the evil eye. It is believed that envy elicited by the good luck of fortunate people may result in their misfortune by someone who is envious or jealous. The perception of the Evil Eye, its causes, and possible protective measures taken vary from culture to culture

         The power of inbuilt 81 pyramids with extra energy of 9 gold pyramids on the top gives protection. There is a 9 mystic eye which works as protecting energies. And the bottom is activated with 8 copper discs & 1 gold energy radiator disc & 81x81 pyramid base to enhance the flow of infinite energy of Eye 9x9. It comes with a brass screw.

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How to Use

        Hang with a brass screw on the wall of your shop or office facing the entrance. You can increase the power by fixing the disc in multiples in same office or premises. Also recommended for malls, business houses and newly constructed houses. It is very simple to use & gives fantastic results

Mystic Pyramid Eye 9x9 is for all round protection! Fix in shops, offices, homes, and factories to get protection. It is ideal for prosperous and flourishing business. It also helps to get harmony, peace and happiness.

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