Airon Agarbatti

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Airon agarbatti stand is totally new pyramid power tool for daily use. with a set of 9 pyramids yantra and agarbatti stand with 20 incense sticks to increase your fortune.

A new pyramid power tool for daily use. Let your inner desire magnify in your personal space. Each vital particle emitting from the incense stick will attract abundance & fortune for you.  Perform every day in morning & start your routine in a dynamic way.

How to Use

                  You can perform this new and innovative way of doing prayer and energizing your personal space like house, office, shop, etc. Just by placing the incense sticks besides the 9 pyramid on the agarbatti stands now place this stand in between your palms and wish or desire for your goals by visualizing it and repeat process for 3 min. Now you can light the incense stick and put it on the stand. This will help you to achieve your goals faster, create a peaceful environment around you.