Vastu Shield Agarbatti

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Would you like to supercharge your House & Office each day and keep yourself and your family more protected from Negative Energies?

So here is An Easy Inexpensive Way To Clean Negative Energies From Your House & Office And Nourish It With Noble Positive Ones Vastu Shield Agarbatti, an amazingly simple yet potent ancient remedy that burns off evil energies prevailing in your house and office for years and supercharges it with the positive ones.

Did you know the architecture and aura of your house and office attract and repel negative energies? In fact people visiting your house and office bring-in certain energies. (Chances are, certain visitors are jealous of you, speak evil of you and simply couldn’t digest your success.)
We cannot judge if these energies could be dark, depressing, and sick, or could be highly noble, nourishing, elevating and positive.
Unfortunately if your house or office attracts and stores negative evil energies – you may experience its terrible effects –poor health, job dissatisfaction, business loss, ruined relationships or could be some continuous unsatisfactory or painful situation in your everyday life.

After you start to use, You will experience the following

Works immediately –  As soon as you lit the Vatsu Shield, you’ll start to feel a sense of well being.

Purifies environment – The carefully chosen fragrance destroys the negative effects of vat, pitta and cough.

Eliminates evil power – These carefully chosen ingredient helps eliminates evil power and protects the house.

Wholesome mind and body effect – The subtle energizing fragrance – instantly turns the environment alive, vibrant and elevating.