Cash Max Pyramid

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This tool attracts Positive energy and Good fortune for your Cashbox, Safe, or Lockers.

This tool improves the cash flow at your residence, office or shop. It will attract Positive energy. You can even place it in your puja room to get an improved flow of positivity.

 At the bottom of the orange colored bse is a yantra depicting infinitely increasing energy. On the top of this base is placed a “Sarvotobhadra” yantra which is pure enough for the God’s to sit on. This is placed in a niche.

You may keep a currency note over here. Above this niche is a golden pyramid having 9 pyramids depicted on it. Below this golden pyramid are embedded 81 golden pyramids.

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How to use:

 You can place this Cash Max in your cashbox, safe or lockers.

You have to do this after giving it a direction, you have to place a currency note {preferably Rs1000/-} in the niche. Then hold it on your left palm and place your right palm on the top of your Cash Max Pyramid. Keep an incense stick lighted up near the cash max while programming it.

With the pyramid in your palm give it a positive direction (command) regarding what you want to improve in your financial area.

Example1: I am receiving Rs…… date……..

Example2: I have received back the loan amount of Rs……. Given to my Friend (name) which he had not paid till now.

Note: Please do this at twice aday (you may do it even more than 2 times for faster results).