Pyron - Saturn- Happiness

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        Pyron is a cosmic harmoniser pyramid with its mystical power it can enhance the essence of life.

             The ‘Saturn- Happiness pyron’ (Jiten Pyramid) imparts double benefit as it has inbuilt pyramid yantra with 9 pyramid and 81 base pyramids. Also to add more power it is enriched with 9 pre-programmed copper discs at the bottom for specific purpose only, plus; at the top of the pyron computer uplifted specific code is there to solve your everyday problems.

How to Use  

         ‘Saturn ‘represents wisdom, awareness of right & wrong, happiness & honesty. Saturn is also associated with sincerity, love of justice, non -attachment, long life, fame, authority, leadership organizational abilities.

Due to its multiple benefits it will give you easy solution to all your Vastu problems. After you take the ‘Saturn- Happiness Pyron’ (Jiten Pyramid) all you need to do is just fix your photograph on the reverse side of the pyron above the copper disc and hold the pyron in your hand and charge the god disc with your mind power and just install it in your home, office, work place.

       The pyron can be hooked on a wall with a brass screw or can be placed in specific direction as per the Vastu of your place or premises suitable for you.

     It attracts universal energy only where it is placed and will give you result accordingly.

       Psychic number 8 is a number of mystery. Those born on 8,17,26 of any month are recommended to use it under the advice of a pyravastu expert or by a professional consultant.