Reiki Master Pyramid

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This specialized, superior new tool helps the Reiki practitioners and masters to amplify, channel & send distance energy that is a thousand times more  powerful ! You get a constant flow of strong energy from the highest dimension that reaches all the people, & helps accomplish the goals that are kept inside this wonder tool. Easy to use as the charges remains strong longer & channeling remains pure & focused, sending powerful energy every day. 

Long Description:

            Why use 3D Reiki tools?

            Evolution is based on becoming better & better each day. Normally 2- dimensional symbols are used to great effect in Reiki by healers & masters all over the world , but we are going to use 3 – dimensional enhancing ‘yantras’ (special purpose metaphysical oriented tools)along with original symbols to amplify results. These 3D Reiki tools are based on the mystic powers of the pyramids, the divine vedic knowledge & the cutting edge space time continuum concept.

            Empowered with a ten layered energy grid.

            Contains 837 power pyramid , 101 yantras & 81 support crystals, & 4 side gold plated triangular plates on the outside to improve cosmic interaction.

            Antahkarana grid & charger plates, 3 clear crystals, 3 quartz , clear quartz 6 pyramid & clear quartz master crystal.