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Use while driving, when relaxing or at work.

Useful for:                                         Boost your vitality with

  • House wives                             * 16 Magnets
  • Office executive                        * 54 Pyramids
  • Old age people                         *54 Acutips
  • Sports co-ordination                 *16 Copper disc                                                       

Long Description: New Multi Energy Back & Belly Belt is designed on time tested combination of Magnetic therapy, Acupressure, Pyramids & Metal therapy to provide you natural & safe treatments without side effects. These functional belts contain bipolar, magnets, aligned along acupressure meridians to improve metabolic activity, blood circulation and oxygen level of each cell. In addition, Dia Belt is also enriched with power pyramids to harmonize cosmic energy and universal metal gold- silver to amplify healing properties. Using this latest Multi –energy belt, helps relieve pain and discomfort, also increase energy level and enhance effectiveness.

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How to use: Select a comfortable sitting or lying posture. Place your Back & Belly Belt at appropriate part (as shown on cover with red ring). Take care that the copper tips touch your skin. Start with 5 minutes twice a day. Over a period of one month, you can extend the treatment to 30 minutes. In case of discomfort reduce the time. If symptoms persist consult your physician. It is also complementary to usual medical care.

Get Optimum results:

 Close your eyes and visualize that a feeling of well-being at the affected part is taking place. Slow, deep and rhythmic breathing is important in positive manipulation of the energy flow. Soothing music, mantras or japas can accelerate the healing. Gradually go into a state of bliss and let the healing happen on its own for optimum results.